Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together a handy list of common questions about our Ballarat self-storage solutions and shipping container storage. If you can’t find an answer to your specific question, please contact us. We’ll do our best to provide you with the right information.

What sizes of shipping containers do Dial-A-Box offer for hire?

We have three main container sizes for hire;

  • small 10-foot containers that provide 16.5 cubic metres of space,
  • midsized 20-foot containers that provide around 33 cubic metres of space, and
  • large 40-foot containers that provide 66 cubic metres of space.

The internal length (L), width (W) and height (H) dimensions sizes for these containers are;

  • small 10-foot containers – L 2.79m, W 2.35m, H 2.39m
  • midsized 20-foot containers – L 5.9m, W 2.35m, H 2.39m
  • large 40-foot containers – L 12.04m, W 2.35m, H 2.39m
How much does it cost to hire a shipping container from Dial-A-Box?

Our Ballarat shipping container hire and storage prices are competitive and attractive to customers seeking a great deal on shipping container self-storage rates. See our current Ballarat shipping container storage prices here >

Why are shipping containers a good storage choice?

Compared to brick storage units with roller doors, steel shipping containers are vermin-proof. Mice and other unwanted pests can easily penetrate storage units through gaps in roller doors, whereas it’s more difficult for these critters to enter a shipping container. Also, a shipping container’s heavy steel construction deters thieves and protects the contents during extreme weather (wind, rain, storms, snow). Shipping containers provide low-cost high-security storage.

What items can I store inside a secure shipping container?

At Dial-A-Box, we don’t control what items you put in your Ballarat shipping container self-storage. Besides illegal items, you’re welcome to store whatever you like: furniture, household goods, electrical equipment, building materials, mechanical equipment, tools, sports gear, business assets, inventory, documents, archives, hobby items, vehicles and the list goes on.

Will my shipping container be waterproof and free of rust?

Shipping containers are purpose-built to withstand years of rough ocean travel. The marine-grade steel construction and the coating is rust-resistant. Dial-A-Box containers are new and have never been used at sea; therefore, ours are free of rust. Shipping containers are also waterproof to harsh rain, storm and snow conditions. All Dial-A-Box self-storage shipping containers in Ballarat are fitted with numerous rainproof air vents along the top side edges. We recommend storing dry items for the best storage results.

Do self-storage shipping containers get hot inside?

Dial-A-Box’s Ballarat self-storage shipping containers are coated in a heat-retracting material to minimise external heat transferring to your stored contents. Plus, with multiple air vents installed on each of our shipping containers, warm air inside the container is released.

What is the minimum length of time I can hire a shipping container or storage unit?

One month. We automatically bill you at the start of each month. Plus, with the ease of no lock-in contracts, you can terminate your storage arrangement when you no longer need it. We require seven (7) days notice of your intent to vacate your storage space. 


How long can I hire a shipping container?

As long as you like! Every time you make your monthly upfront payment, the shipping container is yours for that month.

How do I arrange hire of a self-storage shipping container with Dial-A-Box?

Easy! Simply contact us today and let us know what you need. We’ll provide a custom hire quote based on your storage space requirements. Our minimum hire period is one month.

What personal information do I need to supply to hire a container from Dial-A-Box?

We need proof of your identification, such as your driver’s licence or passport, and a home address. We also require a valid credit or debit card to initiate an automated upfront monthly payment of your shipping container hire fee. You can also pay using cash.

Are any items prohibited from shipping container self-storage by Dial-A-Box?

Dial-A-Box prohibits anything illegal from being stored in your Ballarat shipping container. We also recommend any flammable fuels in equipment or gas bottles be minimised for your safety. That said, dangerous fumes are unlikely to accumulate within your Ballarat shipping container storage as each has numerous air vents.

Is anything else included in the shipping container hire fee?

Aside from ongoing access to our knowledgeable shipping container self-storage specialists, we offer a courtesy enclosed furniture trailer and a bag trolley (hand truck) to help you move your items. We’ll simply need to see your driver’s licence so we can authorise the trailer for your personal use.

How do I cease my storage hire arrangement?

With the ease of no lock-in contracts, you can terminate your storage arrangement when you no longer need your Dial-A-Box self-storage space. We require seven (7) days notice of your intent to vacate your storage space.

Does Dial-A-Box provide any self-storage units that are NOT shipping containers?

Ninety per cent of our Ballarat self-storage solutions are shipping containers; however, we have a handful of small and large secure storage units at our Alfredton storage yard. These units provide 9 and 16.5 cubic metres of storage space, respectively. See our latest pricing for our storage units here >

How does the price for self-storage shipping containers compare to other storage unit structures?

At Dial-A-Box, our price for hiring a shipping container of 16.5 cubic metres of space, is the same as hiring a large self-storage unit of identical storage space. In essence, our prices are based on the space available, not what type of storage it is.

Can I store other items at your secure Ballarat location, but not in a shipping container? My caravan?

Yes, you can! Our fully-enclosed, 24/7 CCTV monitored Alfredton self-storage yard is the perfect place to securely store your caravan, boat or trailer for easy access when you want to use it. Free up your driveway or nature strip and stow your vehicle will us. Plus, rest easy knowing no thieves can tow away your caravan or boat from your home address!

Can I drive my trailer or van right up to the self-storage container/unit and unload easily?

Yes, you can! All self-storage shipping containers and units on our Alfredton site are positioned for easy vehicle access to streamline your loading and unloading.

Do I need to worry about pests, bugs or vermin damaging my items in self-storage?

Shipping containers protect stored items from external vermin threats. However, any creepy crawlies hiding in your belongings, from a prior storage place, will likely continue to ‘nest’ in your items and cause damage. As you, the customer, are the only person with access to your locked self-storage shipping container, it’s your responsibility to ensure you don’t inadvertently introduce vermin into your storage container. Dial-A-Box provides clean and tidy Ballarat self-storage shipping containers to new customers.

What security and monitoring of the self-storage shipping containers do you provide?

Our Alfredton self-storage yard is well protected by 24/7 CCTV camera monitoring, full-perimeter enclosed fencing, and electronic customer-controlled gates for secure entry and access monitoring. It’s the customer’s responsibility to provide your own padlock for your storage container; however, we supply a protective lockbox to safeguard your padlock.

What is a lockbox, and how does it work?

A lockbox is a heavy-duty steel construction that encloses a large padlock. A lockbox protects padlocks from thieves with bolt cutters. Your lockbox serves as a secondary layer of protection against theft of your stored items. All Dial-A-Box shipping containers are fitted with lockboxes.

Why do I need to supply a padlock for my hired shipping container?

By supplying your own padlock, you’re in complete control of your self-storage shipping container. You’ll know who has a key to access your personal and private items. For your convenience, Dial-A-Box sells heavy-duty padlocks from our site office, so feel free to let us know if you’ll need a padlock and we’ll arrange one for the start of your hire period.

When can I access my self-storage shipping container in your Alfredton yard?

You can access our Ballarat storage yard in Alfredton from 6 AM to 9 PM any day of the week. Through our electronic front gates, automatic customer access is granted via a free app downloaded onto your smartphone. We will help you set up this app when you hire self-storage from us. We monitor everyone who enters and leaves the yard via the app and our security cameras for your safety and security.

Does Dial-A-Box provide freight transport services to move shipping containers?

Yes, we partner with a reputable family-owned Ballarat freight and haulage company to move Ballarat self-storage shipping containers. We can arrange all aspects of your shipping container haulage requirements. Let us know when and where you need your shipping container, and we’ll organise the rest.

Of course, if you need your shipping container securely stored in our Alfredton yard we can arrange this. Contact us to discuss your needs and receive a custom quote >

What locations do you service with shipping container transport?

Our local freight and haulage contractors can transport your shipping container within Ballarat and the surrounding regions. Please contact us for further details.

How should I pack my items in my shipping container if I plan to move it to a new location?

Feel free to contact our Ballarat shipping container storage specialists for tailored packing advice. Some common-sense tips include a) ensure your items are tightly packed and physically secured, and b) make sure the weight of your items is distributed evenly in the container, with heavier items lower down.

Importantly, we outsource haulage to our trusted local freight contractors. Please contact us if you have concerns or queries about the items you are moving.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, credit and debit card payments. We also accept direct cash transfers into our bank account.

We require a deposit upon booking your self-storage shipping container. The balance must be paid in full prior to loading your items or before your container is delivered to your private land.

Do I need to arrange insurance for my items in storage?

Yes, you do! It’s your responsibility to arrange insurance for your stored property. Dial-A-Box does not provide insurance for our customer’s private belongings. Dial-A-Box and our freight contractor have the requisite insurances; public liability and business insurance to protect our business assets and the community. If you require an insurance company that specialises in insuring items in a self-storage shipping container Ballarat or storage unit, please contact us for details >

How do I find out more about your prices and availability of self-storage containers in Ballarat?

Easy, simply call us on 1800 819 663 or email us >

Ready to find out more? Or book and move-in today!

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